Company Profile of Halim Sakti Pratama
Overview Management Plan
company profile overview management
As distributors of raw material, we recognized the need as well as opportunities in providing valuable support to the manufacturing industries both national & international. We continue to pursue efficiency & excellence in a competitive yet challenging environment in order to provide the best for our valued customers and stockholders.

The organization witch began with only limited number of products continues to grow as products are added and market expanded. The group constantly works on creating new markets and opportunities to increase our market reach. It is important that the company be able to recognize the right opportunities and take action.

As one of the leading importer and player of food ingredients in Indonesia, we have an obligation on setting a high standard in providing the best quality products and excellent service. In fact it is not just in food ingredient product but across all product that quality & service are applied to the best ability.

Corporate Values
The management is always careful that growth and expansion does not supercede responsibility and accountability. Halim Sakti business policy is focused on keeping long term relationships and commitment that are beneficial for customers, suppliers and trading partners. The group is commited and guided by its quality policy in all aspects, be it logistic, administration or other operations.

Quality Product
Strict control of international packaging regulation, product description, proper & safe handling of dangerous goods is important. World known brand name is being upheld.
Modern warehouse with constant monitoring of room temperature, cleanliness and storage procedure are being implemented for specialized or sensitive products.
Transport network that identified customers’ delivery requirement and offer an accurate and consistent on time delivery.
Human Resource
They are companies’ most valuable asset.
1. Marketing
2. Accounts / Administration
3. Logistic & Operations
4. Technology & Information System