Products of Halim Sakti Pratama

ABS & ABS Colour Compound (Hailac)


“Hailac” is P.T Halim Samudra Interutama’s brand name for ABS (Acrylonitrile (A), Butadine (B) and Styrene (S)). ABS is a very tough plastic with high gloss and excellent scratch resistance.

ABS obtains combination of excellent properties by using Acrylonitrile for high Tensile Strength and chemical resistance, Butadiene for Impact Strength and Styrene for Hardness, Gloss and improved processability. Hailac™ (ABS color compound) is a compound material for injection molding which has already been color matched. It is the most convenient molding compound as it does not require any mixing or blending of natural ABS with pigments/ colorants.

ABS resin is widely used in various Electrical and Electronic housing/components, Automotive parts, Toys, Helmet, Office Automation, pipes, etc. It features high impact, high flexural strength, excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, easy to inject, good dimensional stability and can be Painted as well as Electro Plated.