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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Compound (Haipet)

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Compound

HAIPET™ is a kind of masterbatches consists of 75 % – 85 % CaCO3 and 15 % – 25% specially blended polyolefin resin with special additives. HAIPET™ is used as an additive for polyolefin resin.

HAIPET™ was originally developed to be used as an additive (Anti Splitting Agent) in PP Woven Bag/ PP Yarn Industries. By the time, especially with the high increase in Polyolefin Resin price, HAIPET™ started to be used in HDPE shopping bag industries as an alternative to reduce costs.

To better serve the HAIPET™ market, especially for the purpose of COSTS REDUCTION, P.T. HALIM SAMUDRA INTERUTAMA has been developing many GRADES of HAIPET™ for different kind of applications.

Currently, we have more than 10 grades of HAIPET™, Economical, Standard and High/ Superior grades of HAIPET™.