Products of Halim Sakti Pratama

Elastomer Compound (Haibam)

HAIBAM™ is our Brand Name for Thermo Plastic Olefin (TPO), Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) and Impact Modifier.

HAIBAM H is Polyolefin Based Elastomeric, a unique semi crystalline copolymers of Polyolefin Resins. They have excellent elastomeric properties, are easy to process and compatible with all kinds of PE and PP Resins. HAIBAM H is particularly effective for polyolefin blends where a balance of flexibility, transparency and impact performance is required, and it is very good additive to be used as Processing Aid in the production of PE and PP Film/ Injection/ Extrusion.

The combination of the advantages given by HAIBAM H presents a potential for innovation currently unavailable in other polyolefin resins.

Advantages of HAIBAM H :
- Transparency
- Stress Whitening.
- Soft,Comfort-touch.
- Anti-slip.
- Increased tear strength and compression set in
foams PP.
- Improved Impact resistance, good flexibility and
elasticity in tubing,hose,profile,packaging,sheet and
membranes etc.



HAIBAM PS is a Copolymer of Styrene and Butadiene, with a high content of Butadiene Rubber. HAIBAM PS is used as Impact Modifier for Styrenic products, especially HIPS. It improves the Impact Strength and Elongation of HIPS.

Haibam E Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) has combines performance cheracteristic of vulcanized rubber,such as heat resistance and low compression set, with the processing ease of thermoplastic. It offers the dual advantages of low cost thermoplastic processing and vulcanized rubber performance.

As a result, Haibam E has been finding a rapid acceptance in a broad variety of industrial and consumer-oriented rubber product applications.

The hardness range of Haibam E, permits the design and manufactured of parts ranging from flexible to semi rigid, while maintaining the broad range of favorable physical properties.

The low specific gravity of Haibam E compare to vulcanized specialty rubber such as polychloroprene chlorosulfonated polyethylene and EPDM gives 20% to 30% lighter weight in a unit basis of a specific part.

The process of Haibam E “TPE” is associated with the economy of processing thermoplastic, such as :
- Injection molding
- Extrusion
- Blow molding and
- Calendaring