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PVC Additives

We have more than 40 years experience in supplying various kind of PVC stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants and other PVC additives for many kind of application such as pipe, fitting, profile, sheet, imitation leather, and various kind of compound (cable, shoes, sandals, etc).
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Plywood Glue and Adhesive

With tremendous experience in supplying for plywood glue and adhesive industries, we have been known as a leading partner for our consistency in providing high quality of raw materials and additives to domestic plywood glue and adhesives manufacturers.
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Electroplating Chemical Productss

We have a wide variety of metals used in electroplating process, also known as electrodeposition and electroplated coating, such as copper, nickel, gold, silver, chrome, zinc and tin. We represent well known producers of electroplating chemicals like Yuken, Meltex, Ishihara, Kanigen and Geomet.
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We are experienced in supplying metal raw materials that are used in the coating and galvanization processes such as Lead Ingot which is widely used in the cable industry, vehicle battery and soldering wire, Zinc Alloy Ezda 3 which is widely used for the automotive, also electronics to jewelry industries and Zinc anode SHG (Special High Grade) which play an important role in the steel industry. We are currently appointed as distributor of Nyrstar (one of the world's leading manufacturers) for the Indonesian market.
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Paint / Ink Chemical Product

We Provide assorted colors of organic and inorganic pigments, carbon black for coloring your coating and plastic application, resins for ink applications, functional fillers and nano calcium carbonate for ink and paint, oxidized bitumen, etc.
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Ceramic Raw Material

We commit to support the ceramic industry in Indonesia in providing high quality raw materials such as various grades of aluminum oxide, ATH, feldspar, barium carbonate for ceramic products, etc.
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Food Ingredient Products

We provide high quality and diverse food ingredients to be a solution for the food industry in Indonesia. The products we present start from acidity regulators, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and others.
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Feed Additive Products

We also expand our business of high quality animal feed additives to support the livestock industry in Indonesia. The products we supply include additional nutrition for livestock and special nutrition for poultry farming, cattle farming and fishing industries such as ponds
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Plastic Resin / Compound and Engineering Plastic

The first and Pioneer in the Plastic Compounds and masterbatches industry in Indonesia. Selling plastic Resin such as ABS, SAN, Polycarbonate, SBS, TPE, TPR, Nylon and plastics additives.
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Other General Chemical Products

In addition to chemicals specialized for specific industries, we also provide various general chemical products that can be used by various industries. With our extensive collection of products, we provide chemicals for a wide range of applications from dyes and water treatment to food and feed additives.
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