As we know, there are many metals commonly used in plating and galvanizing process, we supply some of those metals such as Lead Ingot, Zinc Alloy Ezda 3 and Zinc Anode SHG as a distributor of Nyrstar, a well known producer in the world. Lead Ingot is soft metal in the group Non Ferrous Metal with the character malleable, ductable metal, and commonly used to improve corrosion resistance. Main application is in industrial power and power storage such as underwater power and communication cables, vehicle batteries as well as operating energy power supplies and also used in solder wire industries. Zinc Alloy Ezda 3 is an alloying combination Zinc metal and Alluminium metal ( ZnAl-4% ) with a good mechanic characteristic, castability and dimension stability. Main application is in industrial diecasting such as die casting for automotive parts, electronic parts, garments and jewelery. Zinc Metal is the metal in the group Non Ferrous Metal with the large application. Zinc metal major application for Oxide industry, alloying industry, galvanizing and electroplated coating. Zinc Anode SHG ( Special High Grade ) mainly used in galvanizing steel to prevent rusting, in zinc diecasting alloys and copper alloys ( brass ). Zinc is also essential to promote growth of many kind of organism, both plant and animals. Zinc also extend the life of other material such as steel ( by hot dipping or electrogalvanizing ), rubber and plastic ( as an aging inhibitor ) and wood ( as a paint ).

  • Lead Ingot
  • Nickel Plate
  • Nickel Square
  • Zinc Alloy EZDA 3
  • Zinc Anode SHG